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Frequently asked Questions

What tax issues are there with filming in New Zealand?

Department of Inland Revenue
For all information relating to taxation issues
For specific information relating to the screen production industry

What passports or work visas do I need to film in New Zealand?

New Zealand Immigration Service
For assistance on the qualification for entry into New Zealand.  Film Central as your production service, can facilitate the immigration process directly from New Zealand.   This includes obtaining any non-objecting letter that may be required from the relevant guilds.  Also check the web site for further information to assist you.

I’m thinking of filming in your area and need specific locations – how do you show me that you have locations to suit my needs without me being on site in New Zealand?

For locations suitable to your production enquiry, visit our locations gallery, or provide us with details of what you are looking for, and we will provide those location images direct to you on your enquiry.

What currency does New Zealand have and do you accept credit cards?

New Zealand dollar.  New Zealand will accept all major credit cards including, American Express, Visa, Diners, Bankcard.  Credit cards with international debit and credit plans can access New Zealand ATM and EFT-POS machines.

Can I transfer money from overseas without incurring costs?

New Zealand has no restrictions on the transfer of money in and out of the country.  New Zealand customs has introduced a border declaration for cash amounts in excess of NZ$10,000 being carried into or out of the country by hand.  A New Zealand resident is able to open foreign currency accounts, so production funds can easily be transferred in the currency of origin and held on behalf of a production company.  This can help you to take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations.

How do I know I am getting the best deal for third party suppliers?  Why shouldn’t I just do all the organizing / buying from here instead of using you?

That’s simple.  We have the New Zealand contacts in the Production Industry, understand New Zealand’s regions and can arrange better pricing for your production requirements. 
Example: We can supply fuel cards for travel throughout New Zealand through our corporate account allowing you to access cheaper fuel than from the pump; This also applies to accommodation, rental vehicles and many many more of our suppliers rates.
Local knowledge and our database provide us with access at less time, saving you valuable dollars – which are better spent on a successful production.


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